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    New Teacher Prep Study Asks The Wrong Question

    The Journal of Child and Family Studies has published a new meta-analysis of research on teacher training that seeks to determine how alternative certification programs stack up to the traditional route when it comes to preparing new educators for the classroom. What did they find? Denise Whitford, an assistant professor of education at Purdue University […] More

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    A Disgrace In DCPS

    NPR’s Education Team is out with a new investigation from reporter Kate McGee showing that administrators at Washington D.C.’s Ballou High School handed out diplomas to dozens of students who failed to meet the requirements for graduation last year. Ballou, which has long been one of the city’s most troubled high schools, garnered national attention […] More

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    What is Retort?

    What is Retort? A new initiative of mine where I’m serving up brief reactions, additions, refutations, corrections, etc., on education reform-related news. I’ll still be writing longer-form, more in-depth pieces on my main site, PE+CO, but wanted a place where I could add my quick two cents on the latest developments and controversies in the […] More