Over At PE+CO: An Open Letter About Einstein

Why the Arkansas State Board of Education should reconsider a recently approved charter application

Back in January, I sent a letter to the members of the Arkansas State Board of Education to bring their attention to the troubling revelations about Einstein Charter School, a charter management organization in New Orleans that is planning to open a charter school in Little Rock.

Over the past several months, it has emerged that Einstein’s schools in New Orleans have been failing to provide transportation to students as required by their charter agreement. The CMO has also been accused of enrolling students outside of OneApp, the citywide enrollment system that assigns students to schools. These are serious violations that undermine the systems we have established to ensure that all children have fair and equal access to our public schools.

For some reason, I never received a response from anyone on the board. Therefore, I decided to publish the letter, which you can read here.


Written by Peter Cook

Pete became involved in education reform as a 2002 Teach For America corps member in New Orleans Public Schools and has worked in various capacities at Teach For America, KIPP, TNTP, and the Recovery School District. As a consultant, he developed teacher evaluation systems and served as a strategic advisor to school district leaders in Cleveland, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He now writes about education policy and politics and lives in New Orleans.

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