Teachers Unions Capitalize on Coronavirus

Fear mongering tactics deployed to champion longtime union priorities

Not ones to miss an opportunity to capitalize on a crisis, several teacher unions across the country are leveraging anxiety about schools and COVID-19 to threaten lawmakers and attack charter schools.

In Southern California just yesterday, UTLA seeks to halt new charter co-locations for next school year by citing established misinformation.

In Oregon, the Department of Education closed all schools, including virtual charter schools because why not? Who needs distance learning when brick and mortar schools are closed?

In San Francisco, the union seeks to stop any “district-wide online plan” until all students have access to internet and “suspension of all grading”.

Nationwide, fueled by union-funded front groups such as the Network for Public Education, a call to end all testing was issued — a long time pet project of unions.

Sensing that school closures are likely to shift public perception and expectations on how public education is delivered to students, unions are in full-on protectionist mode, desperate to defend the cash cow business as usual.

It appears that unions subscribe to the infamous Rahm Emanuel suggestion to “Never let a crisis go to waste.”


Written by Seth Saavedra

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