When Is It OK To Call Someone An ‘Uncle Tom’?

According To One Retired Teacher, It’s Actually A Compliment.

Beneath the surface of anti-reform, business as usual public education politics resides a barely disguised disdain for folks of color.

While touting the best interests of communities of color on one hand, figureheads of the Edu-Blob Establishment use the other to denigrate and attack individuals of color who refuse to mutely take marching orders.

This week a retired teacher from California and proud NPE member, Tom Ultican, wrote the typical conspiracy-laden word soup that’s been churned out for years. Nothing interesting nor new to be read.

However, things took an interesting turn when Ravitch reposted his piece on her blog and encouraged Teacher Tom to tweet out this gem:

One might think an old, White man referring to a Black man as an “Uncle Tom” would be a bridge too far, even for Ravitch’s crowd — and one would be mistaken: “I am sorry to have hurt your feelings but I don’t see how labeling you an Uncle Tom is racist.”

Not only does Tom double-down on his usage of the epithet, he goes on to explain to many of us folks of color just how wrong we are and that we should stop playing that infamous race card:

And, despite broadly disseminating Tom’s piece, Ravitch washes her hands of any wrongdoing and attempts to somehow squeeze sympathy and self-pity out of the situation:

You see Ravitch and her acolytes love folks of color (and our communities and schools) as long as:  A. They don’t have to live next to us. B. They don’t have to send their kids to school with ours. C. We buy their revisionist history books, and D. We dutifully take marching orders without dissent.


Written by Seth Saavedra

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