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COVID-19 Is No Match For NPE

Union-Funded Megaphone Carol Burris Attacks Charter Families In Midst Of Pandemic

While the U.S. and world continues to grapple with the implications of COVID-19, the Network for Public Education, better known as a marionette advocacy group led by Carol Burris, continues an unrelenting assault on charter school families, teachers, and supporters.

In an email sent Monday, NPE asks supporters to message legislators in opposition to charter school leaders requesting support through Small Business Administration loans available via the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program:

As disgusting as this type of crisis capitalizing is, it’s par for the course for Carol and her crew. Not even the throes of a global pandemic will stop her from working to deny families access to their public schools.

You see, while most school districts and charter schools work tirelessly to reach their students (regardless of the particular governance structure), teachers unions and the unregulated (and largely unexamined) nonprofits they prop up work relentlessly to discriminate against children if their parents have chosen a charter school for them.

This has everything to do with dogma and nothing to do with equity or access; for Carol Burris and her sycophants, the latter is merely a means to achieve the former.


Written by Seth Saavedra

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