Harvard Professor Puts Homeschoolers In Her Sights

Wants To Ban All Homeschooling Because It’s “Unregulated” & “Authoritarian”

With a level of smarm typically reserved to finger wag at families of color who send their kids to charter or private schools, Harvard professor Elizabeth Bartholet took to Harvard Magazine to warn readers about “… an essentially unregulated regime in the area of homeschooling.”

Citing best-selling author of Educated , Tara Westover, as a prime example of homeschooling gone wrong, Bartholet makes not a mention that Westover went on to graduate magna cum laude from BYU before receiving a MPhil and PhD in history from Cambridge. In fact, Westover is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard. One can only hope they run into each other next fall.

As covered here, here, and here, Bartholet also fails to mention that nearly two-thirds of US students aren’t proficient in reading, and that “the most rigorous evidence shows that homeschool students tend to fare better academically and socially than do their peers in conventional schools.”

She also neglects to cite a US Dept of Ed report estimating that 1 in 10 students in public schools will experience school-employee sexual misconduct by the time they graduate high school, if they do at all.

Considering Bartholet’s intertwined history with organizations antagonistic to parental school choice, her selective citations and staunch defense of a system–which works primarily to serve folks like her best–are all too predictable and detract away from much needed discussions about how best to improve and re-imagine public schools.


Written by Seth Saavedra

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