What About Karens Of The Education World?

Comeuppance On Horizon For Karen’s Close Relative “Education Edna”

The past week witnessed a rightful uproar about Amy Cooper, the White dog walker who weaponized a false, racist 911 call against Black bird watcher Christian Cooper after he asked her to leash her Cocker Spaniel, in an area of Central Park which specifically dictates dogs be on leash no less.

While Amy lost her job and dog, Christian (no relation) has demonstrated the level of grace typically expected of folks of color, though rarely reciprocated. He’s asked people to stop issuing Amy death threats. If only she had treated him the same before invoking a police-prison apparatus she knew favored her innately, while threatening his very existence.

Lost amidst this all-too-familiar seen is a reality Michael Piscal, CEO of College Achieve Public Schools, tweeted this weekend:

Of course, for those of us who’ve been around a while and subject to the Amy Coopers, “Karens” and “Education Ednas” of the world, this Weaponization of White Fragility serving as an appetizer before the main course of Racial Demonization is nothing new:

Going further, Joe Truss (Father, principal, author, and leadership coach) lays down a thread describing in detail the circumstances we parents of color face in public schools — and to which the genesis of the school-to-prison pipeline is attributed:

Joe and Michael hit the nail on the head. Nary an education advocate of color can go a week on Twitter without being called an “Uncle Tom” or being told that we “should not be taken seriously“. It’s enough to make one want to ride off into the sunset.

But, when the chorus of well-funded opposition looks like this, what else can one expect?






Written by Seth Saavedra

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