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    We Don’t Need Journalistic Disclaimers, Just Honest Reporting

    Wednedsday, Phi Delta Kappan, the online “professional journal for educators”, published a hand-wringing piece asking an important if misguided question: How do increasingly unionized newsrooms complicate reporting? Titled “Covering Education in a Unionized Newsroom,” authorial reins are handed over to Rachel Cohen, a freelance writer who recently came on Retort’s radar by writing then deleting […] More

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    The Gaslighting of Progressive Charter School Proponents

    Last week, former principal Carol Burris (whose Twitter feed is an unending charter-school-bashing, propaganda-filled rant) blasted out a blatantly misleading meme intended to delude Democratic voters. “BAD POLL ALERT!” No Dem proposed eliminating all fed funds to charters. They triple or quadruple Title I funding to charters & publics. $$ for kids in schools, not […] More

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    Millionaire Complains About Billionaires

    This is re-posted, with permission, from Project Forever Free. Ned Stanley works on National Communications, National Voices, and Media Relations for @FiftyCAN. Education historian turned anti-reform flamethrower Diane Ravitch is just out with a new book, Slaying Goliath, and the review by Annie Murphy Paul in the New York Times was hardly glowing. Some have […] More

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    Yes, Warren’s Education Plan Would Do Harm To Many Families

    Elizabeth Warren is the candidate with “a plan for everything,” including public education. There are some good ideas in there—such as ending zero-tolerance discipline policies and $100 billion in “Excellence Grants” for any public school (including charter schools, believe it or not.)  But tucked away at the end is a poison pill under the subtitle: […] More

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    LoveLove WTFWTF

    Why Are Billionaire-Funded Twitter Journalists Attacking Black and Latino Parents?

    You’ve likely seen the powerful social media videos. A collective of pissed off parents from across the country demanding more for their students and communities. Chanting “our children, our choice” the Powerful Parent Network raised money via GoFundMe to attend Elizabeth Warren’s “honoring the voices of Black women” event in Atlanta. What a thought, a […] More

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    All the Excuses A Quarter Million Dollars Can Buy

    Do you know how far a quarter-million dollars goes in Albuquerque? Me neither, but I know someone who does: Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) superintendent, Raquel Reedy. Coming in at a mere 550% of our state’s median household income, Reedy is set to rake in more than Mayor Keller and Governor Martinez, combined. For a district […] More