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    As Teachers Salaries Rise, So Do Their Benefit Costs touches on a subject rarely covered by traditional media: While teacher salaries have risen nearly 20 percent over the last decade (outpacing inflation, barely), their health care costs rose 27.6 percent and retirement costs exploded by 126.4 percent. Dubbed the “Pension Pac-Man” by researcher Chad Aldeman, benefit costs for teachers eat up nearly all […] More

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    Unions And Affiliates Take In At Least $26 Million From Paycheck Protection Program

    Well, well, well. As reported by Mike Antonucci at The 74: Unions and their subsidiaries on the government’s list received a minimum of $26 million [in PPP funds] and may have gotten as much as $51 million. Though the The New York Times and The Washington Post gleefully reported on charter schools receiving funds (after months of […] More

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    Private School Parent Calls For Defunding Of Private Schools

    Even by Hechinger Report standards, this week’s piece by Andre Perry (the site’s lone opinion columnist) is a particularly vile example of Ravitchian misinformation. Titled “Defund the private schools“, Perry makes a meandering, pandering case to eschew vouchers, close charters, and reinvest in school districts which largely assign students based on zip code; in other […] More

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    NYTimes Takes Bait From Ravitch’s Network For Public Education

    As Retort covered more than two months ago, the union-backed antics of NPE this spring are focused squarely on defunding charter schools and eschewing teacher accountability. After sending dozens of emails and near nonstop tweeting about a fabricated scandal involving some charter schools accepting Federal PPP funds aimed at buoying companies through COVID-related lock downs, […] More

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    Bernie and Biden Miss The Mark With Education Task Forces

    New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, put together an advisory council to help his state “reimagine” public education. Fearing Cuomo and his partner, the Gates Foundation, will produce a plan that creates accountability and expectations in their public school pension farm, the NYC teacher types pounced. “There’s no current classroom teacher on this list of advisors” they whined. […] More

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    Harvard Doubles Down On Proposal To Ban Homeschooling

    In an article Retort covered in April, Harvard professor Elizabeth Bartholet took to Harvard Magazine to warn readers about “… an essentially unregulated regime in the area of homeschooling” and calls for a “presumptive” ban on homeschooling. Responses were swift, from all directions, and unkind. As The Crimson reports: Many critics have taken to virtual message […] More

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    Harvard Professor Puts Homeschoolers In Her Sights

    With a level of smarm typically reserved to finger wag at families of color who send their kids to charter or private schools, Harvard professor Elizabeth Bartholet took to Harvard Magazine to warn readers about “… an essentially unregulated regime in the area of homeschooling.” Citing best-selling author of Educated , Tara Westover, as a […] More

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    We Don’t Need Journalistic Disclaimers, Just Honest Reporting

    Wednedsday, Phi Delta Kappan, the online “professional journal for educators”, published a hand-wringing piece asking an important if misguided question: How do increasingly unionized newsrooms complicate reporting? Titled “Covering Education in a Unionized Newsroom,” authorial reins are handed over to Rachel Cohen, a freelance writer who recently came on Retort’s radar by writing then deleting […] More