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    The Gaslighting of Progressive Charter School Proponents

    Last week, former principal Carol Burris (whose Twitter feed is an unending charter-school-bashing, propaganda-filled rant) blasted out a blatantly misleading meme intended to delude Democratic voters. “BAD POLL ALERT!” No Dem proposed eliminating all fed funds to charters. They triple or quadruple Title I funding to charters & publics. $$ for kids in schools, not […] More

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    Why Is NBC Taking Sides In The Public Education Debate?

    Last week, NBC announced it will host a nationally-televised forum for Democratic presidential candidates on December 14th that will focus exclusively on public education issues. NBC’s Public Education Forum 2020, which is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, will be moderated by MSNBC Live host Ali Velshi and NBC […] More