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    As Teachers Salaries Rise, So Do Their Benefit Costs touches on a subject rarely covered by traditional media: While teacher salaries have risen nearly 20 percent over the last decade (outpacing inflation, barely), their health care costs rose 27.6 percent and retirement costs exploded by 126.4 percent. Dubbed the “Pension Pac-Man” by researcher Chad Aldeman, benefit costs for teachers eat up nearly all […] More

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    Bernie and Biden Miss The Mark With Education Task Forces

    New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, put together an advisory council to help his state “reimagine” public education. Fearing Cuomo and his partner, the Gates Foundation, will produce a plan that creates accountability and expectations in their public school pension farm, the NYC teacher types pounced. “There’s no current classroom teacher on this list of advisors” they whined. […] More

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    David Sirota Joins Union-controlled Capital & Main

    Capital & Main, a Los Angeles-based non-profit media outlet controlled by a group of labor unions –  including the California Teachers Association and California School Employees Association – has hired David Sirota to lead a new national investigative desk that the organization is launching this summer. In many ways, the Sirota-Capital & Main marriage is a perfect fit. As […] More