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    Bernie and Biden Miss The Mark With Education Task Forces

    New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, put together an advisory council to help his state “reimagine” public education. Fearing Cuomo and his partner, the Gates Foundation, will produce a plan that creates accountability and expectations in their public school pension farm, the NYC teacher types pounced. “There’s no current classroom teacher on this list of advisors” they whined. […] More

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    Are Educators Skeptical Of Charters Because They’re Blind To Inequality?

    On Monday, Education Week released the results of a new survey gauging the political perceptions and behaviors of educators across the country. The finding that drew headlines was that respondents overwhelmingly opposed charter schools, with 45% “Completely Opposed” to charters and another 26% “Somewhat Opposed.” Although I think the wording of the charter school question […] More