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    As Teachers Salaries Rise, So Do Their Benefit Costs touches on a subject rarely covered by traditional media: While teacher salaries have risen nearly 20 percent over the last decade (outpacing inflation, barely), their health care costs rose 27.6 percent and retirement costs exploded by 126.4 percent. Dubbed the “Pension Pac-Man” by researcher Chad Aldeman, benefit costs for teachers eat up nearly all […] More

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    Bernie and Biden Miss The Mark With Education Task Forces

    New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, put together an advisory council to help his state “reimagine” public education. Fearing Cuomo and his partner, the Gates Foundation, will produce a plan that creates accountability and expectations in their public school pension farm, the NYC teacher types pounced. “There’s no current classroom teacher on this list of advisors” they whined. […] More

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    Why Is NBC Taking Sides In The Public Education Debate?

    Last week, NBC announced it will host a nationally-televised forum for Democratic presidential candidates on December 14th that will focus exclusively on public education issues. NBC’s Public Education Forum 2020, which is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, will be moderated by MSNBC Live host Ali Velshi and NBC […] More

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    March For Our Lives In New Orleans

    I was one of thousands who participated in the March For Our Lives protest in New Orleans this weekend. I got to tag along with two dozen eighth graders from Paul Habans Charter School who participated in the march as it wound its way across the city from the Faubourg Marigny, through the French Quarter, […] More

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    Over at PE+CO: The Red River Ripoff

    I have a new post up over on PE+CO exposing how Red River United (RRU), the American Federation of Teachers-affiliated union representing educators in Caddo, Bossier, and Red River Parishes in Northwest Louisiana, is using bureaucratic obstacles to prevent members from leaving the organization. The union is refusing to stop the automatic deductions of monthly […] More